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Yoga is a practice.  Healing is a process.  Neither occur in a void.  Yoga and healing happen in the midst of our messy, joyful, busy, sorrowful, incredible human lives.  Yoga and healing happen in the midst of relationship and community. Healers and teachers do not get to live in proverbial ivory towers, but rather in the middle of the challenge and vibrancy of the world.  I am no exception.

I invite you to use this space to share your experience of me as teacher, as healer, in the comments below.

About yoga:

"I like [Jasmine's Yin class] because... there's no wrong way to do it.  And every time I come, I feel better afterwards, even the next day." - Vanessa (yoga student)

'Jasmine thoughtfully guides participants through the various aspects of yoga to restore the body to it's natural tendencies, while gently informing participants of the purpose of directing the body to hold particular poses for physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual gain. Her depth of knowledge perfectly melds with the extent of the movement each person is guided through, showing a genuine care for how her teachings of yoga affects our complete wellbeing.' - Elissa Turner, energy healer

"In today's busy world with its abundance of chronic stress, exhaustion and over-stimulation, I find yoga nidra is absolutely essential for rejuvenation and relaxation.  Jasmine's gentle calm and soothing voice and presence helps me melt away accumulated stress and calm my jumpy nervous system.  Attending this class regularly allows me to sleep better, think more clearly and experience more love and joy in life.  It fills my cup!" - Susan

About Reiki:

"At eight months pregnant my hips and back were incredibly sore and laying down was uncomfortable at best.  PRENATAL REIKI eased my aches and pains and soothed me into a state of deep relaxation - I walked out of that session more well-rested than I had been in weeks!'  -Anna

"I scheduled a healing session with Jasmine because I was sick with a chronic illness (systemic candida) and was experiencing physical pain and chronic fatigue, along with more stress and anxiety than my body could deal with.  The healing session was very relaxing, and immediately after the session the chronic discomfort in my side was 75% better, and I was much calmer (no more stress or anxiety like I had come in with).  That evening, I had enough energy to clean my house and do my dishes, when prior to the session I had been practically bedridden for 4 weeks.  The next morning, I woke up pain free, and with more energy than I've felt in a long time! I was calm and my anxiety that I had experienced for the past month was gone.  Now, one week later, I am still healthy and pain free.  I am in a great place emotionally and mentally.  My candida infection is gone and I am so grateful!!  Jasmine is amazing!!" - Sarah Gavin


  1. Jasmine's class is a refreshing end to my hectic day. I leave her class feeling as though I have a new sense of energy to be present with my family and finish out the rest of my week on a great note. As a person who needs to understand why I am doing something, she is the perfect facilitator. Her class is equally relaxing as it is educational, which helps me a great deal in my practice at home. I appreciate her creative approach - there is just enough familiarity in each class, yet, plenty of adjustments and new positions and series to work with. I always feel appropriately challenged and comfortable. If you are looking for a rejuvenating oasis in the middle of your busy week - go see Jasmine. You will be thankful you did!

  2. Thank you, Jasmine, for the wonderful session yesterday. It was my first experience with reiki and you created a caring, supportive, safe and comfortable space for me to relax into. The combination of true relaxation and openness is hard to describe, but it approached pure bliss. When the session was over, I felt almost as if I was floating. The relief from my allergy symptoms was a very welcome side benefit! I would whole-heartedly recommend a session with you to anyone curious about reiki, or looking for a restorative experience.

  3. Jasmine's yin yoga class is the best thing to happen to me all week! It is so easy to be present and aware in this class. I appreciate the welcoming atmosphere as well as the the knowledge that Jasmine adds to the practice. Yin yoga is a great balance to my life, it helps to keep me anchored when I go back out in to the world.

    Thank you Jasmine, thank you body, thank you Universe.

  4. I entered the studio from the chilly street to be greeted by a calming room that was 70+ degrees. Quiet music of Tibetan singing bowls played in the background. I was given a choice of 7 essential oils, all blended specifically for the chakras, to be infused during our session. I was called to the heart chakra, anahata. Jasmine layed her hands upon me very gently, sometimes just held them very close to my body. I could feel the energy in my body moving even when we were not connected physically. I felt a releasing, a letting go & fell deep into relaxation & a meditative state at times during the hour long session. At times it was challenging for me to stay present. I wanted to remember all of the neat things that where happening, like how when she touched my feet, I could immediately feel it in my head. I enjoyed the subtle energy work that I received from reiki. It felt less jarring to me than massage or acupuncture. When it was over, I slowly drifted back into awareness & felt clearer, calmer & more grounded. At the time of my session I was 3.5 months pregnant. It helped me let go of some the fears I had surrounding pregnancy & move forward through my journey with more clarity & joy. I definitively plan on going back! I highly recommend this to anyone & everyone.

  5. My first Reiki energy healing was during her April 6th Reiki and Restorative yoga retreat, (after experiencing her restorative yoga earlier in the month.)

    I'd researched Reiki and knew it was something I needed to experience after hearing first hand testimonials in real life. What I understood is that Reiki is a gentle healing that is for the highest good of the individual and with Jasmine's natural nourishing personality I knew she was the person I needed to see for Reiki and scheduled my first hour long session too.

    In the R&R retreat I experienced physical, emotional and mental release.

    During the hour long individual Reiki session I put the intent to receive healing as needed, (after first having mentioned a couple of physical concerns.)

    Immediately I began to feel a sense of peace and well-being and an emotional opening of sorts while in the gentle, safe and supportive space Jasmine created.

    While the sensations for each person receiving Reiki may be different as I understand it my experience had a variety of tingling sensations, warm pressure and even a buzzing in certain areas. I even experience one area of hard pain and almost felt like stopping. Instead I took a breath in and received.

    I felt a sense of emotional and physical rejuvenation and noticed tension pouring away and off of me.

    My friend who first told me about Reiki said that it is best delivered in sets and I plan to return again, (to the next R&R and at least one more Reiki session.)

    I feel very blessed that the universe brought me to Jasmine and I encourage you to go before her with intent to receive healing. She has "blessed and gifted" hands and is a vessel of such goodness. We are lucky she is here in Fairbanks!