Sunday, September 8, 2013

Frontline Wellness: an offering


This is a state that is attainable for everyone.  In every day and in every moment, it is possible to practice peace.  It is even possible to reside in peace while listening to someone else's trauma, while caring for the sick, for the dying.  It is possible in the ER.  It is possible.  Even if you experience it for only a moment.  Day by day, those moments add up, and a habit grows.

That is why I am offering "Frontline Wellness: a Yoga Workshop for Care Providers," to offer skills to help create those moments of peace that add up to a lifetime of wellness.  

Fairbanks, and the interior of Alaska, sees more than its fair share of depression, alcoholism, and trauma.  This workshop is my offering to those people in our community who work every day to heal the scars of mind, body and heart that the people of Alaska carry.

May we all send a moment of gratitude and appreciation to the healers, the care providers, the health care workers in our world.

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