Sunday, September 23, 2012


The Equinox marks the halfway point between the longest day and the longest night.  It is a day when the hours of night and the hours of day balance a scale between them.  Here in the Interior it is heralded by a coating of copper leaves on the ground, by golden aspen, and maroon muskeg, by the threat of snows coming soon, the mad rush to get firewood stacked and undercover, and the garden pulled up before the ground freezes... and by a 63 degree day???  The unseasonable temperature yesterday only serves to underscore that this day, balanced between light and dark, is a point of profound transition. 
We tend to think of balance as a static point.  As though balance is an end-goal that is attainable.  I find that balance - both on the mat and off - is usually a process, a coming back to center.  Sometimes balance is an equal amount of opposite extremes, rather than a 'golden middle.'
As the Equinox passes, and as I move into a new day job and look forward to beginning to teach regular yoga classes, I find that balancing within transition is a day to day and sometimes a moment to moment practice. 
What does balance look like in your practice?  How do you find balance in transition?

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