Friday, March 28, 2014

Sitting in the seat of the teacher

A student of mine is learning her lenses, playing with light and shadow, finding how to make art through a camera, so after class this week we took a few minutes to play with her lens:

When I teach, I sit between Ghandi...

...and Mother Teresa.... front of Bhoddisattva.

When I step into the seat of the teacher, I feel so supported: by the great teachers before me and yet to come, by the wisdom of the divine within each of us that WANTS to come into the light and be heard and heeded.  I set the intention to be a channel, a vessel, for the teaching to come through me....  from Source, from Siva, from Sakti, call it what you will.  Its not so different from Reiki.  I step into the seat of the teacher to serve, I place my hands heal...  from my Highest Self to your Highest Good, may I be of service.

om sahana vavatu sahana buknaktu
saha viryam karavavahi
tejas vi na vadhi tamastu
ma vid vi vasha vahai
om shanti shanti shanti

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