Friday, March 15, 2013

Donation Based Lectures at HeartStream!

This coming week on Tuesday and Wednesday nights you'll find me at HeartStream, participating in what promises to be a couple of pretty amazing lectures.  They are being offered for a suggested $15 donation, so if you're a poor hippie/student/yogi, they are still accessible.

Its so exciting when we get to experience master teachers here in our own frozen and remote northern home!  I personally thrive on the chance to engage in learning from amazing human beings, and would love to see this continuing to happen in Fairbanks.  So if you're at all interested, please come join us!  These lectures promise to be as rewarding for the student of philosophy or the student of life as for the yogi. 

Jai Bhagwan,

More information is available at

Donna has invited Christopher Tompkins to visit Fairbanks   before his workshop at Inner Dance Yoga Studio in Anchorage!     His weekend workshop in Anchorage will be an in-depth 10 hour workshop, March 23-24. Visit Inner Dance for more details. Christopher Tompkins, MTS, MA, PhD track, has 3 degrees in Religion and Sanskrit, including Master’s Degrees from Harvard and UC Berkeley. Christopher lectures nationally in Universities and Yoga centers on the history, philosophy, and practices of Indian Yoga. He is the co-originator of the Foundation for Yoga (

March 19- 7:30-9pm- I. Defining Yoga. Come and learn what it means to experience ‘Yoga’ as the liberated state of Being, how this state is accessible to us in every moment, and how we may attune to it.
“Yoga is the state experienced when the cyclical, anxious activity of the mind (suddenly) dissolves.” –Yogasūtra I.2.
March 20- 7:30-9pm   Samskāras: Identifying Our Unconscious Mental Habits (citta-vritti) that Trigger Cycles of Suffering 
Christopher will guide us toward identifying and eliminating the source of all self-created suffering–the subconscious ‘impressions’ which unconsciously perpetuate the anxious ‘mind cycle’ (chitta-vritti), that obscures the Self within and causes us to unconsciously grasp for happiness in the materialistic world of impermanence. Visit Christopher Tompkins on Youtube.

Both are donation based lectures. Suggested donation $15/lecture

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