Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Equinox

It is snowing today.  Yesterday marked the Spring Equinox, the mid point fo the solar year - the moment of balance between night and day, between light and dark.

It is a time for reflection, as moments marking shifts always are.  It asks what part of yourself hides in darkness?   Can you choose to honor that part of yourself?  What part of you walks in the light?  Can you choose to celebrate that part of you, in all its imperfect glory?

On the equinox we balance on this cusp between the flood of summer sun and the chill of winter dark for one moment only.  For one day of 12 hours sun and 12 hours moon.  We are poised to begin movement again.  We can only move forward into the lengthening days.  We cannot walk backwards into the future.  What in your life is no longer serving you?  Does it consume your energy and your vision?  Can you choose to let go of anything that is keeping you from living fully in the here and in the now, poised in balance?  It is only by releasing that we make space for the growth of what we already are.

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