Friday, March 8, 2013

Workshop: Chakra Journeying

Chakra Journeying
with Elissa and Jasmine

All Workshops on Sunday from 3:35-5:30
All Levels; Beginners Welcome

$100 for the entire series or $30 drop-in
Stone sets and pendulums available for purchase

April 7: Introduction and the Root Chakra:

Have you ever wondered what exactly the chakras are, or why this energy system is so important?  Do you know about the chakras but want to engage with your own energy more consciously?

In the Introduction you will learn

·        What is a chakra
·        How to use a pendulum to dowse your own chakras and read what they have to say
·        Advanced pendulum techniques for in-depth personal exploration
·        How to tell if you have a block in your chakra
·        How to re-balance a blocked or excessive chakra using aromatherapy and the energies of stones
·        What is the relationship between the chakras, the nadis, kundalini, and samskaras
·        What do chakras have to do with electromagnetism and the endocrine system
·        How Peruvian Shamans use the "rivers of light" and the chakras to heal
·        How body language, posture, chakras, and your aura effect what happens in your life

The Root Chakra provides our foundation and is associated with grounding, manifestation, security, the skeletal system and the color red.  We will:

·        Dowse the root chakra with a pendulum and discover what your root energy is
·        Work with a "balance" aromatherapy blend to target the root chakra
·        Explore the resonance of hematite (emotional protection, assists with grounding, maintains boundaries) through a guided meditation
·        Energize the muladhara through a practice of grounding asanas
·        Explore the relationship of the bones and skeletal structure to energetic and postural stability
·        Celebrate grounded energy with the mantra "om gam ganapatayai namahah"

April 14: The Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras

In this workshop we will celebrate the sweetness of life, passion, and creativity.  We will explore the seat of our personal power and the fire of our will.

The Sacral Chakra is the seat of our emotions.  It is associated with movement, water, creativity, desire, pleasure, and the color orange.  We will:
·        Dowse the sacral chakra to see the sacral energy's movement
·        Work with "allure" essential oil blend to access this chakra
·        Explore the energies of carnelian (increases concentration; helps find courage) in relation to the sacral chakra through a guided meditation
·        Unlock the svadisthana through a hip opening asana practice

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the home of the will and our personal power.  It is associated with the sun, transformation, fire and the color yellow.  We will:
·        Read the solar plexus chakra with a pendulum
·        Use "harmony" aromatherapy to release this powerful chakra
·        Access the energies of citrine (manifests abundance, transmutes negativity, energizes) to support this chakra through a guided meditation
·        Stoke the fire of your solar plexus with kapalabhati pranayama
·        Energize your manipurna with an asana practice of warrior poses and core support

April 21: Heart and Throat Chakra

Join us to celebrate our expansive capacity to hold love and express truth!

The Heart Chakra is the home of unconditional love.  It is associated with compassion, devotion, connection and the color green. We will:
·        Read the heart energy with a pendulum
·        Greet the heart chakra with "compassion" essential oil blend
·        Engage the vibrations of rose quartz (unconditional love for self and others) to support the heart's expansive nature through a guided meditation
·        Unlock the anahata energy through a backbending asana practice of heart openers
·        Celebrate love and compassion with the mantra "lokah samastah sukino bhavantu"

The Throat Chakra is the home of self expression.  It is associated with communication, creativity, truth and the color blue.  We will:
·        Dowse the throat chakra with a pendulum
·        Access your "expressive" self with aromatherapy
·        Engage with the energy of sodalite (stone of truth; enhances communication) through a guided meditation
·        Open and Energize the vishuddha through an asana practice balancing compression and release of the neck and shoulders
·        Explore the resonances of the bija mantras: lam, vam, ram, yam, ham, om.

April 29th: Third Eye and Crown Chakras

In this fourth and final workshop, we move into the chakras that are our connection with the subtle and the universal.  We will access our intuition to perceive our connection to the divine. 

The Third Eye Chakra is the seat of our intuition.  It is associated with imagination, clear-seeing, insight, dreams, and the color indigo.  We will
·        Use a pendulum to dowse the third eye chakra
·        Open the third eye with an “insight” aromatherapy blend
·        Invite the qualities of Amythyst (opens intuition, enhances psychic gifts) through a guided meditation
·        Use the microcosmic orbital breath to invigorate the third eye
·        Support and activate the Ajna through an asana practice of supported forward folds
·        Follow your own inner wisdom in a guided posture flow of meditation-in-movement

The Crown Chakra is the seat of wisdom.  It is associated with divine connection, bliss,
Consciousness, and the color white. We will:
·        Read the energy of the crown chakra using a pendulum
·        Expand into our own consciousness with a “cosmic” blend of aromatherapy
·        Attune to the resonance of clear Quartz (stone of power, raises consciousness, purifies) through a guided meditation
·        Energize the sahasrara through an asana practice of engaged standing poses and gentle inversions
·        Celebrate your connection to your own higher self, the universe, or the divine with the mantra “So Hum

The Teachers:
Elissa Turner is a gifted energy healer.  Her healing practice SoulAscent operates out of HeartStream Yoga and Wellness.  She is a Certified ChiBall instructor.

Jasmine Johnson-Kennedy is a 200-hr certified Kripalu yoga teacher with a fascination for the relationship between the energetic and physical bodies.

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