Thursday, January 2, 2014

A new year from the Ground Up.

Tonight is my first yoga class of the New Year.  2014 is a year full of promise and auspiciousness.  The turn of the new year gives us the chance to start with a proverbially clean slate, to move forward into growth or change.  We make resolutions.  We set intentions.

Whether we resolve to love more or weigh less, to run a marathon or start something new; deep inner work supports the process.  To create the kind of stable lasting change or growth we intend for ourselves, it is necessary to create fertile ground for new habits and patterns to emerge.

In honor of this new cycle and new year, the next 8 Thursdays will be about supporting this inner work. Starting tonight, we begin with turning inwards to find our inner wisdom, our highest Self, so that we can harness our own inner light to the manifestation of our intentions.  Next week we start at the ground: clearing blockages from the muladhara or root chakra.... and work our way up in seven steps, seven chakras, week by week.

Each week, class will focus on poses, mantra, pranayama, and meditation to support that chakra.  The subtle energy body comprised of chakras, nadis or meridians, and the aura is like a satellite we use to send and receive information from the world around us.  The human body creates a bio-electro-magnetic field, and when this energy field is cluttered with blockages or old habits, it is hard to create lasting change.

We will use these yogic practices to clear out any samskaras, old patterns, or energy blocks lodged in each chakra, moving with the flow of energy from the ground up.  Clear and charge your subtle energy body as you allow your resolutions to move from intention to manifestation!

Join me for this transformative series every Thursday from now through February at HeartStream Yoga from 5:45-7:15 pm. You can come to yoga right after work!  All levels.  Beginners welcome!

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