Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New Moon, More Love.

In honor of the New Year, beginning with a New Moon in Capricorn, I'd like to share some words from one of my heart's teachers:

"One of yoga's fundamental teachings is that our basic nature is love. Love is experienced as a felt sense of belonging, deep contentment, abiding ease, and joy. It is an overarching feeling of acceptance, inclusion, warm welcome, and understanding. In love, we experience profound tenderness and affection toward all that is and has been. Love is expressed as innate respect and care for our body, mind, and heart, and for our thoughts, actions, and relationships. Love allows us to feel what is precious and fleeting, without fear of the ephemeral nature of all things. It allows us to move fiercely toward truth, and it requires us to uphold integrity, passion, and fervency in the face of harm, or threat of shame. Love is the force through which any sense of inadequacy is burned away, allowing the blazing clarity of our deepest worth to shine forth." -SarahJoy Marsh

Here's to more love in the new year.  Here's to all the practices that support love and all the people that practice love.

Happy New Year!

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